Saturday, 20 July 2019

Disturbing Facts (6) Depression Can Be Fun

Disturbing Facts (6) Depression Can Be Fun

Has our society really come so far along the road of accepting these women's magazines as a defining part of our everyday lives that we don't even noticed how truly absurd the situation has become?  Take the following example....

"Lift Your Mood, NOW!" 
If you're depressed, we recommend you read this!
Are you depressed?  Is the world getting you down? Why not pay a visit to the website which is a genuine website, not a spoof!   The website author says... "Get up and get moving.  Lift Your Mood, NOW!  Quick, easy ways to stop feeling blue…"    

One recommendation they suggest to the visitors of their website is to indulge themselves in "a good read".  They suggest you read the women's chat magazine "Pick Me Up" and even show you a typical front page (displayed here) which bears the uplifting headline...

"EX BURNT ME ALIVE - He Drenched Me in Petrol..."

The magazine also included some lurid up-close "Before" and "After" photos of her burnt face on the front page.  

Note the article on the mass killing.. "16 DEAD IN 15 MINUTES".  If you weren't depressed before, you will be after you read this magazine.

Edit: The website seems to have gone, leaving the message "The Depression Can Be Fun website is now offline until further notice."  However they've left a link to their Facebook page.  

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