Saturday, 11 July 2020

Disturbing Facts (5) What Others Think

Disturbing Facts (5) What Others Think

You can get an idea of what others think about these magazines by reading some of the articles written about them.  There aren't that many around as people don't regard these magazines as a threat, unlike the lad's mags.  Nevertheless, here's some references to a few of the articles.

Website: VICE.COM

Meeting the People Behind the Grim Headlines of Women's Weekly Magazines
  • Quote: "Who is buying this undulating wave of misery porn? As a rule: mums and nans. And as a result of their thirst for despair, the UK's weekly cover headlines have turned into a luminous collage of unimaginable horror.  At its height, the biggest consumer women's weekly, Take a Break, sold nearly a million copies a week."


Magazines: Time for a reality check
  • Quote: "Who on earth, you ask, wants to read this stuff? And the answer is: millions of people. Every week, a combined market of nine million readers shells out their 60p or £1 for their weekly fix of family secrets, ghastly revelations, sick babies, traumatised oldsters, deformed body parts and shocking news from abroad. It's a market that has grown steadily."

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