Saturday, 15 August 2020

Curb The Chat Mags

These women's chat mags are causing as much damage to our society as the lad's mags.

"I'LL TORTURE YOUR NAN UNTIL SHE BEGS TO DIE"  from women's chat magazine "Love It!"
Front page headline from women's chat magazine, "Love It!"
  • There are several weekly women's chat mags for sale in the UK, with titles like "Chat", "Take a Break", "Pick Me Up", "That's Life" and "Love It". 
  • They publish stories of rape, incest, violence, murder, paedophiles, torture, cannibalism, mutilation and child abuse, and do so for the casual entertainment of women.
  • Their stories have been deliberately chosen to depict men as evil monsters who prey on helpless women and children.
  • Newsagents display them on low shelves, often close to children's comics.
  • Millions of these magazines are sold every week.

These magazines have strong adult content displayed on their covers and in the stories they feature.   Help us get them treated as adult material and moved to the newsagent's top shelves in sealed bags so only the title is visible.

October 2017 women's chat mags showing a prominent use of the word "RAPED" on their front pages, presumably to encourage females to buy them - or their children if they have the money.
These women's chat mags all show a prominent use
of the word "RAPED" on their front pages.

  (Photo taken at a Tesco Store, 25th October, 2017)

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