Saturday, 15 August 2020

Curb The Chat Mags

These women's chat mags are damaging our society

Some casual reading supplied free when you 
buy a pot of tea at a local supermarket.
  • There are several weekly women's chat mags for sale in the UK, with titles like "Chat", "Take a Break", "Pick Me Up", "That's Life" and "Love It". 
  • They publish stories of rape, incest, violence, murder, paedophiles, torture, cannibalism, mutilation and child abuse, and do so for the casual entertainment of women.
  • Their stories have been deliberately chosen to depict men as evil monsters who prey on helpless women and children.
  • Newsagents display them on low shelves, often close to children's comics.
  • Millions of these magazines are sold every week.

These magazines have strong adult content displayed on their covers and in the stories they feature.   Help us get them treated as adult material and moved to the newsagent's top shelves in sealed bags so only the title is visible.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Chat Mags - Some Disturbing Facts

Disturbing Facts about Women's Chat Mags

Here are some facts about women's chat magazines you may never have considered before...

Sexual abuse, incest, paedophiles, corpse disposal, child rapists, 
dead babies and an axe in the skull
Just some of the tasteless subjects on the front pages of the May 2017 crop of women's chat magazines, promoted as a "casual read" for women and displayed on shelves close to the children's comics.

  • Women's chat magazines publish weekly stories of violent rape, sex and death, deliberately selected to portray men as evil monsters with females and children as their helpless victims.
  • They are heavily promoted as a "casual read" for women and feature subjects such as domestic sexual violence, child abuse, murder, incest, rape, torture, paedophiles and even cannibalism.
  • Children are exposed to these adult magazines on a daily basis in the stores and in their homes as part of their everyday lives.
  • These adult-themed magazines are displayed on shelves near the children's comics.
  • Headlines often contain words like "DADDY", "MUMMY" and "KILLED" that jump out at a child, even from a brief glimpse.
  • Their front covers even resemble children's comic book, attracting children to look at them.
  • These magazines make money from trivialising subjects like child abuse.
  • They teach children to distrust their own fathers and brothers.  
  • Children can easily buy these low-cost magazines over the counter.
  • Some children's groups, such as Child’s Eye Line UK, have spoken out about the negative impact these magazines have on the mental health of children.
  • They promote themselves as "true life" but have been caught faking images.
  • Some contributors who have had their stories published have complained that the magazine had "made things up".
  • Women's chat mags have been described as being "magazines for misandry" yet remain unchallenged.
  • They are the most popular weekly women's magazines sold in the UK, selling millions every week.
These magazines contain strong adult content and need to be treated as such.  
Help us get them moved to the top shelves in sealed bags so only the title is visible.

2017 Summer chat mags: Just a bit of casual fun for mum,
"He abused my TWIN and made me WATCH"

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Just suppose...?

These women's chat magazines cherry-pick and publish stories that have been deliberately selected to portray men as evil and cruel killers and do so purely for the casual entertainment of women.

But what if...?

Chat, woman's magazine
What if there were weekly magazines for sale that ONLY selected and printed horrific murder stories where all the rapists and murderers were BLACK and all their victims were WHITE?   

We would consider it racist and have it removed from the shelves.  

And yet these women's chat magazines use the same approach when they select their stories to publish.  The killers are always male and the victims always female.

And just suppose...?

Chat, woman's magazine
Supposing a MEN'S MAGAZINE appeared on the newsagent's shelves that didn't show naked women, but published the SAME STORIES of rape and sexual abuse of women and children - but for the casual entertainment of men instead of women.

How long before they were being accused of misogyny? 

How long before there was a campaign to ban them?

So why do we treat these women's chat mags any differently?

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Women's Chat Mags - Frequently Asked Questions

"I'LL TORTURE YOUR NAN UNTIL SHE BEGS TO DIE"  from women's chat magazine "Love It!"
Front page headline from women's chat magazine, "Love It!"

"Don't they portray men as evil because men really do commit these crimes?"

  • If a weekly magazine only selected and published stories of violent crimes where all the killers were black and all the victims were white, we would call it racist and get them removed from the shelves.  Yet magazines like these have treated males this way for 30 years. It's hard not to call it misandrist.
  • These magazines are not newspapers.  Their headline stories have been chosen exactly because the criminals are male and the victims are female or children.
  • Their front page horror stories are chosen specifically to support their viewpoint that men are merciless killers, paedophiles and rapists.   
  • Many of the stories are historical but are presented on the front page as though they are current events. 

"Surely, these magazines are just a bit of harmless fun?"

  • They have the capacity to damage our society in the same way that the lads mags did.
  • They trivialise subjects like child abuse, rape and sexual domestic violence, reducing them to casual entertainment for women.
  • They are on display with front page headlines for the children to see and to read. They provide a relentless stream of stories that are selected only to portray the cruelty that men can inflict on women and children.  
  • Children growing up with these magazines scattered around their home or displayed on the bottom shelves of supermarkets and stores will come to believe that this is how our society works. They see men being constantly portrayed as cruel rapists, killers, abusers and pedophiles and they quickly learn that they need to be wary and afraid of their male relatives - uncles, cousins, brothers, fathers...
  • These magazines turn all men into figures of hate because they only seek out and publish those stories that support this viewpoint.
  • Exposing your children to this material is to normalise it and risk having them see the world through a distorted lens.

"So you want to ban them, even though there is no law against them?"

  • No one is saying they should be banned. But these magazines are adult in nature and need to be treated as such.  They should be moved to the top shelves and placed in bags to hide the lurid headlines from children and others who don't want to be offended them.   
  • This is how we are supposed to treat magazines with adult content.  But for some reason, possibly because they are aimed at a female readership, these type of magazines are allowed to publish adult material without any restraint.
  • The lads mags were classified as adult because of their content and they were moved up to the top shelves in sealed bags.  There's no sensible argument against treating these type of adult magazines in the same way. 

"But don't children see these mags anyway, when women take them home and leave them lying around?"

  • Yes, they do.  So, don't be one of those women.  
  • These magazines become just part of a child's everyday background.
  • If a partner brought some pornographic magazines home and left them lying casually around the house for the kids to find, it wouldn't be regarded as acceptable, so why is this any different?
  • ..and if you DO hide them from the children, why is it OK to have them displayed on the supermarket shelves at a child's eye level?
  • These magazines are aimed at the casual browser in the supermarket and are for sale on every shelf of every newsagents in the country. They're also aggressively priced at only a few pence - children are even allowed to buy them for themselves if they wanted to.   
  • These magazines are very adult in nature with their descriptions of graphic sexual assaults and brutal, gory violence, yet we seem to think that because they are aimed at a female audience, the material is somehow not regarded as adult. 

"These type of chat magazines have been around for a long time with no effect on our society. "

  • We don't know that.  This argument was used unsuccessfully as a defence for the lads mags.  No one ever suggested that the campaigns should be stopped because we couldn't see what damage those publications may be causing to society.  
  • We really don't know what damage has been done to our children and our society having all these women's chat magazines peddling this sick material for over 30 years and they continue unabated. 
  • These ubiquitous magazines, perpetuating their "true" horror stories, have become part of children's everyday life and occupy their domestic background landscape. 
  • The material contained in the lad's mags were deemed capable of changing society's perceptions of how we view women and they were condemned for it.   These chat magazines are having the same effect on how we view men and we still don't know the extent of the damage they've caused. 

"There's no evidence to show that these magazines have a detrimental influence on a child's development".

  • If you really think they are harmless, you can carry out this simple test.  Buy one or two of the latest women's chat magazines - it doesn't really matter which ones.  Then go to any local junior school or daycare centre and start reading the headlines from the magazines out aloud to the children.  Do you think the children might be affected by the words they're hearing?  Do you think their parents would want you to read them out?
  • Content like this should be seen as adult material for a very good reason - it's for adults, not children. 
  • If it's wrong to read the words out to children, why is it OK to display them to children?  

"Why shouldn't women read these types of magazines if they want to?"

  • They can indulge themselves in this sick stuff if they want to.  No one is stopping them. But vulnerable young people and impressionable children are being exposed and normalised to this misandric adult material on a daily basis and we have a duty to protect them.  
  • Children form their ideas of the world around them from reading and seeing stories like this and grow up thinking that all males are murderers and rapists.  It may not be obvious to a child that the stories the magazines have published have been chosen for that very reason.  
  • These magazines use the juxtaposition of sexually violent horror stories of rape and torture with familiar domestic surroundings and stories about kittens and cakes, making it harder for a child to judge the prejudice in the stories.

Friday, 10 July 2020

How You Can Help

Harness the power of your social media to tell others what you think about this and to tell them about this campaign.  Please use your social media network of friends to alert them about us.   

"Curb The Chat Mags" is the first (and still the only) campaign to tackle this problem head-on and with your help, we can make a difference.

Want to do something about it right now?  

The longer we all take to get these magazines moved to the top shelves and in sealed bags, more and more children will be reading headlines like these...

"Sicko even had sex with her corpse"

Contact us - we want to hear from you.

  • Remember to like our Facebook Page, tell your friends and help spread the word.  
  • Please email us at if you have any queries to do with this campaign.
  • See below for more of the social media pages of these chat magazines. Leaving comments on their pages have a big effect when others see them.
  • Try going to the Chat Facebook Page ("Life! Death! Prizes! - We got it all!  - 197,403 people like this and 188,355 people follow us") and letting them know how you feel about it. 
  • Contact other similar campaigns and give them your support.

      Alert your local supermarkets about this problem.  

      • We've written a free template letter for you to copy, change and use to give to your newsagent or supermarket.  Get it here.

      Social Media Links

      "My poor lad was  returned to me
      in pieces..."

      More Useful Website Links

      Here are some more links.  These are the home pages of the magazines.  Go and leave your opinion right on their doorstep.

      Contact Other Groups

      Although the list is very small, there are other campaigns that are helping get these magazines under control.  See more details here.

      Wednesday, 8 July 2020

      Contact Us

      "Sicko even had sex
      with her corpse"
      • You can contact us via email at if you have any queries to do with this campaign or about anything you see here.
      • Find us on Facebook and help us get these chat magazines treated the same as other adult magazines, put in sealed bags and moved to the top shelves in the newsagents, like the lad's mags.
      • Please leave any feedback or comments in the sections at the bottom of every page.
      • We have a very mobile-friendly version of this website, you can visit here.  

      Tuesday, 23 July 2019

      Chat mags - Are they such a threat?

      Are These Magazines Really Such a Threat to Society?

      A child in the supermarket is looking for comics and is confronted at face-height with 
      lurid covers of women's magazines containing headlines of sex, death, 
      torture, incest and horror.  Their covers even resemble comics.

      These adult-themed chat mags are aimed at females but anyone can buy one.  There's no campaigns against them.  Their "sex and horror" headlines are force-fed to shoppers and children from newsagents and supermarket shelves. This is not how we are supposed to treat adult material. 

      As well as rape and incest, these chat magazines preach a misandric view of life by selecting stories where the sadistic killers are always males.  All these magazines promote their publications as being a true representation of every-day life.  Chat Magazine itself even promotes itself as "the real-life weekly".  The stories in these magazines make sure that children who see them will grow up thinking that all males are evil monsters and are not to be trusted.

      Subjecting impressionable minds with constant stream of material like this for decades will inevitably have a negative effect on a child's world view.  These chat magazines are extremely corrosive and they will have an influence on how children grow up to see the world.   

      Consider sitting down in front of your children and reading some of these headlines out loud to them.   If you think that's a bad idea, do you think the newsagents and supermarkets should display them next to the comics?

      We now have a generation of children growing up thinking that it's acceptable to treat males as potential molesters, pedophiles, murderers and rapists, just waiting for an opportunity to attack and kill them.  It teaches them to hate and despise men.  They grow up fearing their fathers, their brothers and their uncles are all "killers-in-waiting".  These type of magazines actively seek to reinforce these fears in their pursuit of profit.  

      A few of the graphic headlines from some of the 
      June 2017 women's chat magazines marketed as "a casual read"
      The headline here are displayed on some of the popular women's magazine for sale in the local high street newsagent and supermarket in June 2017. They are priced aggressively low, selling for just a few pence.  

      • Evil ex TORE my face OFF
      • BEATEN to death for his mother's drunk boyfriend
      There are no restrictions in selling these magazines to minors, or where they are displayed.

      Over 250 different editions of these women's chat magazines published in a year... millions are sold every week from supermarkets and newsagent shelves.  How many children saw them? And how did it affect their view of the world?

      Some Children's Charities have voiced their concern

      • Some children's sexual abuse campaigns have said how these magazines are a threat to the way that children interpret  the world around them.  The Children's charity, Child’s Eye Line UK, is one such charity and is committed to protecting children from pornography, sexual imagery, negative stereotypes and frightening headlines. 

      Some supermarkets have had complaints levelled at them and reported in local (not national) newspapers.  Strangely, it's the men that seem more concerned with getting these displays of sexually graphic headlines relocated. 

      Morrison's Supermarket refused to relocate chat mags.

      Raped by my own brother...
      • 4th Nov, 2015 - Morrison's Supermarket positioned a magazine containing gory headlines about rape and murder at ‘kids eye level’ in its Malvern store.  The weekly Chat magazine was displayed at the check-out tills with headlines such as ‘Killer Ex Slashed My Throat’, ‘Raped By My Big Brother’ and ‘He Even Made Me Drink His Own Urine’ to the disgust of Mr Knapman, who was shopping with his wife.  He asked a store managers to relocate it because of children seeing the explicit adult content, but his request was turned down by Morrison's management staff.   Mr Knapman said “Store manager told me (that) he is 'allowed' to do this and so he will. It would actually be less offensive to put porn there.”
      • Read the full story, in the Malvern Observer, here.

      Father outraged at magazine cover "Dad made me WATCH while he RAPED my sister" 

      Dad made me WATCH
      while he RAPED my sister
      • 12th May, 2017 - Morrison's Supermarket are in trouble again. This time it's over a Love it! magazine cover with the lurid headline “Dad made me WATCH while he RAPED my sister.”  It was on shelves at eye-level for a child at the checkouts at Morrison in Up Hatherley, Cheltenham, just above the DVD films, including children's films like The Wizard of Oz.  It prompted Phil Norris, a father of two, to ask Morrisons, “Is this front page really suitable for child-height display next to sweets and DVDs?”
      • Read the full story in the Gloucestershire Live, here.

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