Monday, 22 July 2019

Disturbing Facts (4) Promotions

What do the magazine sellers thinks of Chat Magazine?

These womens chat magazines are available to anyone with the money and are even for sale online.  They are promoted as trivial entertainment yet their subject matter is far from that.  Young readers, who have uncontrolled easy access to this adult material see the world through a distorted lens of "men are evil".  They are unaware that all these stories have been selected precisely because they support a misandric viewpoint.

The website Newsstand ("The UK'S Largest Online Magazine Store") wants you to subscribe to Chat Magazine online. 

..Her blood was splashed
all over the walls"

This is what they have to say about it...

"..a good old romp of racy, gossipy goodness. It brings you real-life stories that will shock and amaze you every week, but it’s also open, honest, and moving. It has thousands of prizes for you to win, and features loads of gritty tales of horror and abuse, as well as plastic surgery gone wrong and grisly murders, but also loads of heartwarming, uplifting stories about pets, families reunited, and weddings, to name but a few. And remember, it’s all true and happened to people like me and you! 

Or how about an online subscription service Pocketmags.  It has this to say about Chat magazine and suggest you read all about the rapes and child abuse as you "wile away a few hours with a nice, hot cuppa."

"RAPED more than 20 times"
"If you love to read the most outrageous, inspiring, fascinating and mind-boggling stories from around the world, then Chat magazine is the perfect magazine for you. Filled to the brim with astonishing true stories that you won’t believe, you can be confident you’ll have your mind-blown with every issue! Whether it’s a triumphant story of overcoming tragedy, an unbelievable tale of mistaken identity, heartwarming pictures to bring a smile to your face or a shocking story to make you gasp - Chat magazine is full of fascinating features every single week."

Paper Versions of Click-Bait

Horror stories with smiling faces
A trend that these magazines have started using on their front pages around summer of 2018 is the use of pernicious "click-bait" headlines.  These are horrific headlines followed by some text that compels you to look further - just like click-bait does on web pages.  

Here's some of their examples...

  • My MUM walked in as DAD was raping me - Would she save me?
  • BEATEN AND PREGNANT BY A FLASHER - then he did something even sicker
  • I woke to my DATE SAWING OFF my FEET -  but he'd done WORSE to my PUPPY

Children also become intrigued and attracted by these inappropriate adult clickbait headlines, sat next to their comics.

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