Sunday, 12 July 2020

Just suppose...?

These women's chat magazines cherry-pick and publish stories that have been deliberately selected to portray men as evil and cruel killers and do so purely for the casual entertainment of women.

But what if...?

Chat, woman's magazine
What if there were weekly magazines for sale that ONLY selected and printed horrific murder stories where all the rapists and murderers were BLACK and all their victims were WHITE?   

We would consider it racist and have it removed from the shelves.  

And yet these women's chat magazines use the same approach when they select their stories to publish.  The killers are always male and the victims always female.

And just suppose...?

Chat, woman's magazine
Supposing a MEN'S MAGAZINE appeared on the newsagent's shelves that didn't show naked women, but published the SAME STORIES of rape and sexual abuse of women and children - but for the casual entertainment of men instead of women.

How long before they were being accused of misogyny? 

How long before there was a campaign to ban them?

So why do we treat these women's chat mags any differently?

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