Friday, 3 August 2018

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Although the list is pitifully small, there are other campaigns that are helping get these magazines under control.

Child’s Eye Line UK 

Child's Eye Line UK
  • Child’s Eye Line UK is campaigning to stop sexualised, sexist and damaging material being displayed at child height in shops and public spaces and porn being easily accessible to children on the Internet. These products are usually displayed at child’s eye line, often right next to the comics and sweets that children are drawn to, using bright colours and easy to read words which catch children’s attention.  Grown ups can choose whether to access adult content…let’s protect children until they are old enough to make their own decisions.
  • Child’s Eye Line UK has followed the magazines, Pick Me Up, Chat, That’s Life, Real People, Take A Break and Love It! for a year. Every week the stories on the front page use shock, sensational headlines about child abuse. These mags consistently use salacious language about serious crimes to sell. It is clear that they are using sex abuse as a sales tool for profit.
  • Lines such as, “Dad dressed as Santa and raped us”, “raped at 5 by school bus driver”, “Paedo said he’d kill me”, “Sordid lust of my paedo uncle” are common.
  • Rape Crisis have slammed the magazine headlines as, “triggering, offensive, trivialising and ignorant of the lifelong impacts for survivors of child sexual abuse”.
  • Children learning to read see these mags at their height, just above kids mags in every newsagent and supermarket. We aim to change this culture of normalising rape. We believe that magazines should not use sexual violence to sell. We are asking all retailers to be responsible with their displays and keep this material away from children and abuse survivors.

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